Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Well, well, well...

One thing we're working on at this time has been our well. Even though we aren't on the property full time, it'll sure be nice not to have to haul water every time we visit. Also, as soon as we get the well in we can begin the process of applying for a permit and moving forward with a septic system. So much to do!

After acquiring the property, we knew that one of the first things we would need to do was to get our well. Curious as to where it might be drilled, early on we had a "dowser" (also known as a "witcher") come out to determine where there may be water. One of the local well drillers highly recommended this process, and said that they are 80% effective in locating a spot for a well. It was very interesting watching this guy walk around the property--his willow stick took a dive here and there, and he determined that the best spot would be where two underground streams appeared to intersect. We each took a turn walking around with the willow stick, and sure enough, it just goes down on its own when it finds water! Amazing. Science apparently can't explain this. I got to thinking that perhaps God created this phenomena to allow people to get the water they need for sustenance. It seems like something He would do.

Our lot was purchased as two 20-acre lots to make the 40-acre lot we have. In order to get what's called a "domestic" well, which may be used for watering livestock and a garden, the State of Colorado requires a lot of 35 acres or more. So, shortly after acquiring the property we had the lots consolidated to meet the requirement. As soon as that was completed we submitted our request for a well permit. We received it just before the Thanksgiving weekend, so first thing Monday morning we began calling well drillers to ask for estimates, etc.

One of the well drillers we spoke with wanted to send someone out to do a site assessment as part of the estimate process, and fortunately he was able to come before we left Monday afternoon. These folks don't pay much attention to the dowsers, but look more at the geology instead. The spot he thought would be best is very close to the spot that the dowser had chosen. He also said that the dowser's prime spot would probably work just as well, but since his recommendation was closer to the electricity and the house, and easier for the rig to get to, we'll probably stick with that spot. This driller said that he's always found water in the locations he's chosen.

We were able to get on the schedule, so probably sometime in February they'll be able to come drill. Yay!

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