Wednesday, January 28, 2015

We Have Water!

Well, well, well...we now have water on our property!  Wahoo!  On January 20th, the well drillers came.  We were there to watch while they drilled for water, which was quite an interesting process. Tim took lots of photos. Boy, it was noi-zee!  

Drillers hard at work.

The well depths in our neighborhood range anywhere from about 150-700' deep. Needless to say, we were hoping ours would be in the 150-200' range to keep costs down. The well is located on the hill just behind where the house will be, not far from the power pole, so the electricity is close at hand.  

Water at 60 feet!
We were delighted when the first water began to ooze out at just 60'! The well was drilled to 100' total.  That's a big plus.

The following Monday we went down just for the day, to meet with the pump guy, Rick. He installed the pump, and a temporary fix for us to get water for the RV.  This will take care of us until we are ready to get the water to the house.

Pump Installation

No more trips to the fire house for water!  Up to this point, we've been a bit stingy with water while we are at the property, hoping we won't run out and have to go get more water. (The gauge showing how much water remains in the trailer doesn't work well, and we're never sure.)  From now on water will be plentiful!
Here I am, getting my first drink of water...Yum!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

RV Has a Skirt

We took advantage of MLKJR day and planned a trip to put up skirting around the RV, to keep the underside warmer and hopefully prevent freezing issues. (See Winter Camping)  The weather was beautiful most of the time, and we got some nice skirting up.

The people we bought the RV from had some pretty nice skirting, with wood frames, foam insulation and plywood all around, and when we bought it we also brought home all the pieces of this skirting, which Tim had helped to remove.  It was a lot of puzzle pieces, and would have been a lot of work to replace just as it had been before.

Tim decided to use an easier method for a quicker fix. Perhaps in the future we'll do something more permanent. For now, he just used the foam insulation, cut to fit around the edges, and we taped it on with cold weather insulating tape. It worked quite well, and it already seemed warmer, as the furnace didn't seem to come on as often. Nice job, Tim!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Watching the Weather

It's been interesting watching the weather from our weather station in Guffey. (See Pike Trails Ranches weather from Wunderground over to your right: that's on our lot. Click it for more info.) 

The forecasts from WU tend to be incorrect, and during these winter months the highs are forecast 10 or more degrees lower than what actually happens. That's a bonus for us! In fact, the past several days it's been warmer there than here in Wellington. The lows in the mornings are often lower than the predicted forecast, but that's not quite as frequent. The lows have varied a lot; sometimes a bit lower than Wellington, other times Guffey's mornings are warmer than here. 

It will be interesting to see whether these trends continue. I've begun to keep a log of the forecast temps in Guffey, compared with the actual temps, to watch for trends. I'm also logging Wellington, to compare the differences. It will also be interesting to see whether in time, the Guffey forecasts might become a little more accurate, based on the readings from our weather station. 

What's nice for us is that the Guffey winters appear to be not too different than Wellington--perhaps even nicer, especially considering it is less windy there. And the summers are most surely cooler than Wellington, which is another plus for us.

This week we're wishing we were in Guffey!