Thursday, April 2, 2015

Happy House

Things have been moving right along as we proceed with our move to Guffey.  The main part of the barn is done, and Tim is now working on the extension at the side, which will be our storage area for our furniture while we build the house. The sale of the house on Shoofly continues to move along smoothly. We've gotten an extension on the closing date, which will now be April 23. That will give us an extra weekend plus a few days, to finish our storage area and move our stuff.

The storage area extension at the west side of the barn.
Tim has been working on the foundation for the storage extension (and I've been helping!).  We passed the interim county inspection on that. Now Tim has some more work to finish the floor before we get the panels for the walls and roof installed. We are using SIP's for these, which are being prepared by a local company and will be installed by them. Hopefully, everything will be done in time to move!

Last week we spent about 5 days at the property, and enjoyed our time there. Since our phones only work in the RV, near the internet router, we've gotten in the habit of using the walkie-talkies for communicating from the barn to the RV. Whatever works!

Here's a shot of the property with the barn, the RV, and a sketch of the future "Happy House" on its spot at the top of the hill. This was taken pretty much from the east side, looking to the west, maybe WNW.

I've been sick with a cold the past 4 days, and now Tim's got it. We've been doing a lot of sitting around not doing much, and with so much to do, it's kind of hard! Now that I'm better, we're gonna go into a higher gear and get packing.  We'll live with minimal stuff and out of boxes until we get things moved. (Good luck with that, Laurie!)

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