Sunday, April 19, 2015

Unhappy with the Happy House Process

In a previous post, we mentioned that we had found a local company to engineer our Happy House using SIPs. Unfortunately, our experience with this company has not been very happy. They are frequently not responsive when we need questions answered or have to supply something to Park County for the permitting process. In addition, Tim has spent a lot of time reviewing their plans and finding mistakes that need to be corrected. We noticed that they can't seem to keep a secretary to answer the phone. We always get their voice mail when we call. Their office in storage facility behind a locked gate. You can't just drop by and expect to find someone there who will open the gate and let you in. The owner/engineer just went thru a divorce and is living at the office in the storage facility. There are just a lot of warning flags about this company that we wish we had paid attention to earlier.

This is all really unfortunate, because we really liked the engineer and thought he had a lot of great ideas. When we tried to express our concerns to him, his response (when he got around to responding) was essentially to blow us off. He would not admit that their quality was inadequate even though Tim has pointed out multiple mistakes that they had to correct on their plans. And he said he had been trying (for several months) to hire an engineer to improve the responsiveness but hasn't yet done so. And he actually wrote this: "You will feel better when the commotion you are personally going through is resolved." So, he essentially said that I was the one with the problem. In psycho-babble, I think they refer to this as displacing blame. One more thing, I initially expressed my concerns in an email and suggested that we get together to talk these thru. He responded that he preferred to write instead of actually talk. How's that for personal customer service?

Another impact of this has been that the Park County planning inspector is now on "high alert" to anything related to this company. He spends extra time going thru their plans and the required on site inspections are done with a very critical eye. This is just making matters more difficult for us.

We have stated that this new adventure is something that God has led us into. And we have been amazed by the way things have all seemed to come together and work out so well. This is our first real negative experience on this journey. It certainly hasn't shaken our confidence in God's leading, but it does force us to keep pressing forward by faith and trying to figure out how to graciously deal with challenging relationships and to see what our Father wants us to learn from experiences like this.

We know it will all work out in the end. I guess if the journey was too easy, there wouldn't be as much of a sense of accomplishment when we get to the end.

BTW, if this post seems to have a bit of different "flavor" to it, it's because Tim wrote this one :) .

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