Friday, April 24, 2015

We Did It!

Laurie has a beautiful Down Syndrome great-nephew named Charlie. When Charlie does something that he is especially proud of he smiles from ear-to-ear, raises his hands and proclaims "I did it!".

You can just feel the accomplishment!

Well, we feel like doing "a Charlie". We moved all our possessions, closed on the house, loaded up the horses and cat, left Wellington for the last time and arrived at our new Golden Gaits Ranch yesterday (Thursday, April 23, 2015).

We're living in the RV and starting to make plans to build the house. There's SO much to do, but it's a huge relief to just be here and not have to run back and forth (200 miles each way) anymore. 

Tim still has to finish out working for HP (thru the end of May) and then will be retired. He will be working on finishing the barn, getting people lined up to start excavation on the house, fencing for the horses, etc. 

Laurie is busy unpacking and organizing the RV as efficiently as possible, doing address change stuff, getting new bank account set up, etc. She ordered new ducklings which we will be receiving the 1st week of June. Of course, she will be making plans and starting on the new garden as time permits. 

We are so truly grateful to our Father for the years we had at the place in Wellington. We are also grateful for this new chapter near Guffey, CO. We are looking forward to learning more about His Kingdom, forming relationships with new neighbors and seeing what Father has in mind for us here. We know that this whole thing isn't about us, it's about our Father and what He is doing not only in our lives but in the lives of others whose paths we will cross. 

I guess it would be more honest to give God the glory and to say:

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