Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Mountain Living, May 2015

Living in the mountains sure is different from the lowlands! We have been here almost 4 weeks now, and have had quite a taste of our new life here. We’ve had a couple of good-size spring snowstorms, which left roughly 10” of snow each time. Now we're in the middle of the third since we arrived full time. At one point we were without power for about 4 hours, and another time it was out for about 34 hours. Today it was real glitchy, going off and on all morning. The internet has occasionally been down, which means we not only can’t get online, we can’t use our phones, since all we have right now are internet phones.

We’ve contacted the phone company about getting a land line. At first, they couldn’t verify our address, since the county hadn’t put us into their E-911 registry. We got that taken care of with a few phone calls, and after a couple of weeks waiting, the phone company came to discover the nearest junction is across the street from us; they will need to bury a line to our house. They’ll put it where the house will be, and we will need to put our own line from there to the RV. That should be done by early next week. Then we won't feel quite so stranded when the power and internet are down.

Between the snowstorms we've had some rain & hail, and a few nicer, sunnier days. The roads get quite muddy when it rains or the snow melts, and are a bit difficult to maneuver. A few neighbors get out with their snowblades or a drag to even out the ruts, but other than that there isn't much done for the roads. We had thought that the local association would maintain the roads during bad weather, but we haven't seen them do that yet. We definitely don't see as much traffic go by when the roads are bad. The horses' pen gets quite mushy, too, and it's difficult to feed them and impossible to scoop poop. The poop will wait, the food gets thrown over or under the fence.

Yikes! It's 2:20 pm and I just saw a coyote about 100 yds from the house. We do frequently hear them in the evening/night, but I don't like seeing them around during the day. Perhaps the snow brought him out. Fortunately, KK (the cat) is inside curled up on the sofa, and not out roaming around!

That's what we're dealing with here these days.

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