Monday, May 4, 2015


Now that we're here full time, many neighbors have been stopping by to say hello. If they don't stop, they often drive by slowly, curiously looking at the property and waving. It's been great to meet friendly folks and discover where they all came from and what brought them here. Many are retired; some are snowbirds, spending winters in warmer climates and summers here. Everyone seems to love the mountain lifestyle, getting away from cities and their escalating problems. Some have been here many years, others a short time; one is still building and not sure if or when they'll come full time. Some are second-homeowners who only visit weekends or for vacations.

One neighbor who stopped in a couple of days ago brought us a dozen of his duck eggs! It's sure nice to have those duck eggs in the refrigerator again! Our ducklings (to arrive the week of June 1) won't be laying eggs until at least November or December, so it'll be nice to have a local supplier of fresh eggs until then.

We're enjoying getting to know the neighbors little by little.

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