Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Construction Update

We continue to make progress here, little by little. The barn is getting closer to completion. The storage/workshop area is mostly done, with its SIPs walls and roof; the doors and window are in and the roof is mostly completed now with metal roofing to match the main barn. The lean-to is well on the way. We had someone come out to do a site inspection of the property in order to do the engineering necessary for our septic system. When the engineering is completed, we can submit that to the county for our septic permit. Then we can  move forward on that, plus approval for the home plans and excavation for the house.

With the storage room enclosed, we were able to get our belongings delivered after being stored with the moving company for almost 3 weeks. It's good to know everything is here, safely in our possession.

Tim has just less than two weeks left with HP, and is looking forward to his retirement, so he can work on completing many of the projects we need to do here. There are so many things to do!  In addition to requesting permits and moving forward with the house, we still want to put up fencing as soon as possible, so the horses can roam the property. Soon we'll have the roof done on their lean-to, so we'll be able to put up fence around the area that will be their paddock and a larger area for them to enjoy on a regular basis. Later, we'll fence as much of the 40 acres as we can for them to roam.

In all of this, we don't want to lose sight of seeking God's Kingdom and following Him in whatever He has planned for us. Sometimes we feel so self-focused, working on the house and property, but want to see His purpose in this move. We just want to remember that this life isn't just about us, but about Him and His Kingdom.

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