Friday, July 17, 2015

A Firm Foundation

Wahoo!! We passed the county inspection for the footers and got them poured!

(Click on the picture for a bigger view)

The building inspector and the excavation guy both commented on how much attention to detail we were applying. I guess they see a lot of less-than-good-quality instances that they have to deal with. Hey, we're retired; we have the time to do it right :) . After all, there is a fundamental principle that a firm foundation is the key to a well-built house. I enjoy contemplating spiritual parallels to the "everyday" events in our lives. If you're interested, you can read my thoughts about the spiritual parallels regarding having a firm foundation here.

Now we can start building the basement walls. After what seems to be a long period of "destruction", now we can begin the "construction" part on the house. It's really true that construction is frequently preceded by deconstruction. In order to start with a firm foundation on which to build you must frequently do a bit of "tearing down" in order to have a good start.

Well, we're finally beginning the construction, or building up, phase. This is a very exciting milestone. As usual, we are grateful to our Father for this blessing and opportunity.

Having a "BLAST"

Many people don't realize how much work goes into a new property before you can even think about working on building the house. The septic system is being built, trenching is done to run water and electric lines to the house, barn and RV. And digging for the house foundation is finally done.

Monstrous machines were brought in to dig up the dirt and crunch thru the rock. There were some rocky areas that even the machines couldn’t bust thru. They had to blast these areas with dynamite to break them up.
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Then, the monster machines again clawed at the stubborn material to eventually get us to a level, solid starting point on which to build our foundation.

Our peaceful and serene mountain getaway looks like a war zone. It's been noisy and piles of dirt and trenches are everywhere. But, we're finally ready to pour the concrete footers. After that we start on the basement walls. I've been going a bit "stir crazy" waiting to get to this point. Now, I can finally get started on my part and the pressure is on me instead of waiting on others to get their part done.

A new neighbor that we recently met asked "So, when do they think they're going to be done building the house?". (They assumed I had hired a contractor to do that.) I replied "Whenever I get it done."

Even in the midst of all this turmoil, we continue to appreciate the wondrous beauty of this place. The deer come by to inspect our progress:

The amazing hummingbirds are always fascinating to watch: 

The ducks are growing at an amazing rate: 

The horses are doing great and we get to enjoy the ever changing grandeur of the Rocky Mountains:

So far, it looks like we're on track to get the house under roof and weather proof before the autumn/winter snows begin. That will allow me to work inside as the weather gets colder. Being a "type A", task-oriented person I have to keep reminding myself to take a break and enjoy our new life a bit more (and Laurie helps me with that, too).

What a great time in our life! We are so grateful for all that our Father has blessed us with.