Thursday, August 27, 2015

Getting Closer to the Vision

We went to Colorado Springs to pick up the windows and doors. We installed them and added the overhangs:

Here is a pic looking out from the interior:
 What a view, eh?

This one shows the skylight:

When we headed off to bed it was 68 degrees inside the house. When we got up next morning it was 42 degrees outside, but still 60 degrees in the house. Not much heat loss overnight. And, we're not even fully closed up yet!

This is a good time to review what we had envisioned and where we're currently at. Here is our lot before we started:

 After many hours designing the house on Sketchup, we hired an architect to draw up the plans:

Here is our Sketchup  model superimposed onto the lot (the barn was partially done at this point):

Here's where we're currently at:

We are thrilled with the amount of progress to date. Over the next 2 weeks we plan to get the roof and siding done. Once that is done, we will be "winterized" and be able to work inside whenever the weather outside gets nasty.

As always, we give thanks to our Father for His this wonderful gift and opportunity.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Instant House

After months of planning, reviewing drawings (correcting mistakes on the plan) and getting the SIPs panels made ahead of time the big day has arrived. All the pieces should fit together and in 3 days we should have what looks like a house. Here we go...

The first floor panel is in place:

The horses are clearly not impressed (or interested) as more floor panels are added: 

With the floor done, wall panels start going up: 

Now for the roof: 

After several roof panels are in place, it's time for the compression ring: 

The last roof panel goes in: 

Now for the crown, the skylight dome: 

Perfect fit! (as if there were any doubt :) 

Total time: 3 (very long) days. 

At this point, the house shell looks kind of like a water tower. But, there's more to come!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Foundation Done

Whew! The foundation is finished and passed inspection with two whole days to spare before the SIPs crew gets here to put up the house :) .

Here's a pic of the foundation:

You can see the plastic around the outside of the foundation wall and the beams across the middle that will support the floor. 

Next up: SIPs installation.

Monday, August 10, 2015

House on a Trailer

On Tuesday, ‎August ‎4th, ‎the SIPs panels arrived. The floor, walls and roof of our house were all on a single trailer:

The driver unloaded the panels and I directed where each set of panels was to be placed (around the house) in order to make them the most convenient to grab and put up in order: 

Here you can see several piles of panels with the foundation wall just visible at the right: 

You can see that the panels are kind of like an Oreo cookie; OSB on each side with foam in between. The floor is 10" thick, the walls 8" and the roof 12" thick. Each panel is made ahead of time to assemble with other panels. They interlock and form very tight seals. The thick insulated walls along with the seals (greatly reducing air infiltration, a major source of heat loss) is what gives SIPs their incredible energy efficiency. 

The installation crew has been delayed for a week, so we're now expecting to have the panels installed starting on the 19th. 

Now, I just have to finish the foundation before they get here :) .

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Basement Walls

The basement walls are framed and we're starting to put plywood on the outside:

The septic system was completed and approved. You can see the clean out pipes and the septic tank riser on the right side of the picture.

Here's a picture from farther back showing the barn, RV and background:

We expect the SIPs panels to be delivered on Tuesday. We're tentatively scheduled to put up the SIPs the following week. That means we will have the house under roof in about 2 weeks from now - WAHOO!

Next week we're taking a break to enjoy having some company. Our dear friends Trisha and Bruce are coming to visit. Trisha is bringing her horse so we'll be able to get some riding in.

My daughter and her family (husband and 2 boys) are also planning to visit. They are currently living in Germany and are back in the States for a vacation. They'll be camping out on our property for a few days. What fun! I hope I can keep up with two energetic grandsons :) .