Thursday, August 27, 2015

Getting Closer to the Vision

We went to Colorado Springs to pick up the windows and doors. We installed them and added the overhangs:

Here is a pic looking out from the interior:
 What a view, eh?

This one shows the skylight:

When we headed off to bed it was 68 degrees inside the house. When we got up next morning it was 42 degrees outside, but still 60 degrees in the house. Not much heat loss overnight. And, we're not even fully closed up yet!

This is a good time to review what we had envisioned and where we're currently at. Here is our lot before we started:

 After many hours designing the house on Sketchup, we hired an architect to draw up the plans:

Here is our Sketchup  model superimposed onto the lot (the barn was partially done at this point):

Here's where we're currently at:

We are thrilled with the amount of progress to date. Over the next 2 weeks we plan to get the roof and siding done. Once that is done, we will be "winterized" and be able to work inside whenever the weather outside gets nasty.

As always, we give thanks to our Father for His this wonderful gift and opportunity.

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