Thursday, October 29, 2015

It's "Ex-Siding"

OK, ok, really bad phonetic pun, but I couldn't resist. We have a little over half of the house sided now and we're truly excited about how it looks.

I did all sides of the house where it had a deck. I will have to put up the remaining siding from a ladder.  First, we put on the house wrap:

Here I am putting on the siding:

Here's a closeup:

This shows a view from the deck:

Here's a view from the pasture:

We have to still put up railing around the deck, but that will come later.

The weather is getting colder, so I have fewer hours in the day where I can get out and work. Oh well, I work outside when I can. In bad weather, I'll be able to work on the inside putting up interior walls, roughing in plumbing and electrical, etc.

We're really amazed at the progress to date. Not bad for a couple of amateurs.

  • Note from Laurie: Last night Tim called some neighbors to ask a question, and when the wife handed the phone over to the husband, we heard her say, "It's the round house people!" I guess that's how we'll be known around here!  By the way, I think Tim does great work, eh?

Sunday, October 25, 2015

All Decked Out

We've had unbelievably nice weather so far. We just got our first snow on Oct. 22, 2015. It was only about 2 inches, and it melted off by the next day. That's really late for our first snow of the year. By now, we have usually had several snows. I wonder if that means we'll have a warm winter, or if we're going to end up paying for that nice early winter with severe cold and snow storms. Time will tell. At any rate, we have taken advantage of the nice weather by continuing to work on the outside of the house as much as we can. When bad weather hits, we'll move to the inside and work on that.

We got the deck put up (except for the railing). I guess I knew this, but it's really big! It wraps around a little more than half the house. There is almost as much square footage on the deck as there is inside the house. That's a good thing! It will encourage us to spend more time outside. Here are a few pics:

We're now working on putting up the siding.