Thursday, November 26, 2015

Triple Clink and Ready to Start Finishing

We have developed a fun tradition with our dear friend Trisha (in North Carolina). Whether we're together or apart, if we have some good news to share we celebrate with a toast. We call it a "clink" (think of glasses clinking together). Any drink will do, ice tea, water, wine, fruit juice. it's all fun. And if we're not together a "virtual clink" over the phone is just as good.

We called Trisha the other night to report a Triple Clink. We passed the electrical rough inspection, plumbing rough inspection and framing inspection all within a few days of each other. It was a stressful but rewarding week.

Here's a pic of the crawl space with the electrical and plumbing ready for inspection:

This pic shows the interior walls all framed up:
You can see the plumbing and electrical in the walls. 

I did all the plumbing and gas pipe myself. We sub contracted out the electrical work.

The framing inspection passed with flying colors. This is where the inspector has a last chance to look at all the structural components of the house before you're allowed to cover anything up. Once again, he complimented us on our work.

Now we're ready to start finishing the interior. I started putting up drywall today. The floors, ceiling, kitchen, bathroom, trim, etc. are all on the agenda and we'll be working on those things over the upcoming weeks. The timing couldn't be better. It got pretty cold outside and started snowing today, but that's OK because we can now work inside out of the weather!

We bought our gas heating stove. Here's a pic from the brochure:
The brand (Jotul) is Norwegian; I'm half Norwegian, so that's a good fit :) .

We're getting the propane tank delivered on Monday. Then we should be able to fire up the stove and keep the house nice and toasty while we're working inside.

We're truly amazed at how much progress there has been. We looked back and determined that we broke ground on June 29th, and here we are working on the finishing phase of the house. What an adventure!