Monday, January 11, 2016

Where the Deer and the Antelope, uh..., Invade?

Life at the ranch isn't all about building a house. We continue to be amazed at the scenery and wildlife. We see a LOT of deer. Occasionally, we see a few elk. Only one time have we seen one lone antelope walking down, of all places, Antelope Lane :) . That is, until yesterday.

They must have been planning this huge invasion! Laurie noticed the horses running in the pasture. When she looked out the window she discovered what they were all excited about:
There must be over 50 antelope in this group! They are just outside the fenced portion of our pasture. At first the horses and antelope all stopped and just stared at each other. Then they all relaxed a bit.

Here, the horses made their way up closer to the fence and ran around a bit as the unconcerned antelope filed past:

A little later in the day we had some neighbors over for dinner. We told them about the antelope and showed them some pics. As if to "show off", the herd reappeared and treated the neighbors (and us) to another live viewing.

What a wonderful place to live! As always, we give thanks to our Father for these blessings.

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