Monday, February 22, 2016

Working on the Bathroom

We're working on finishing the bathroom now. Actually, Laurie is doing most of the work at this point. She textured the walls and is now painting them:
She looks like she's having WAY too much fun!

Here's a shot looking into the walk-in shower: 

Laurie will be adding the grout to the tile next. At the same time, I'll be putting down the floor and installing the vanity/sink and toilet. If all goes well, we'll have a fully functional bathroom in a few days!

We're getting really close to getting our final inspection and CO (Certificate of Occupancy)! We're shooting for CO on Feb 29 (leap year day). Keeping our fingers crossed.

After that, we will be done with inspections and can move in whenever we decide to!

Looking Up

One of the very unique features about our round house (think "yurt" but not made out of canvas) is the peaked ceiling with the sky dome at the top. It really adds something unique to the feel of the house. It's hard to describe until you experience it.

I finally finished all the woodwork on the compression ring (on which the sky dome sits), all the tongue and groove pine and the finish trim between the ceiling segments 8' down from the top. The rest of the ceiling trim has to wait until the wall trim is installed as the ceiling trim butts to the wall trim.

Here's a pic:
The compression ring and trim between ceiling sections is blue stain pine (also known as beetle kill). The tongue and groove is #2 white pine.

This pic is looking straight up thru the dome: 
The dome really admits a lot of light throughout the entire house.

This pic shows the ceiling and walls looking out the front windows (what a view, eh?):
The trim is not all done yet, but it's starting to take shape! Notice the wall on the left with the propane stove. Here is a closer pic of that wall:
This wall (and one other) is faced with blue stain pine. We really love the richness and character of this wood.