Monday, September 19, 2016

Goldie's New Yard

As winter looms in the not too distant future, we have been thinking about a yard for Goldie where she would have protection from the elements when we have to go away. We also had started thinking about another shed at the end of the driveway and near the house. We came up with the idea of making the yard extend from the end of the deck and attaching to the shed where Goldie would have a sheltered area and a warm dog house.

Here's a pic showing Goldie in her yard that extends off the left end of the deck:

She can run free from the yard onto the deck and around the house to the other end of the deck on the east side. She really gets her exercise and can watch over everything on all sides of the house. The shed will be built to the left of the yard where she will have shelter and a dog house.

Here Goldie is using her vantage point from the deck to watch while I'm out feeding the horses:

She's a great watchdog, alerting us to killer bunnies, man-eating deer, etc.

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