Monday, March 13, 2017

Finally - the Custom Kitchen is Under Way

It's been a while since we posted, but that doesn't mean we've been slacking off. Routine things like trimming the horses hooves, making trips to get hay, taking care of the ducks, etc. keep us pretty busy. We also try to make sure we take a little time off once in a while to eat out or take a road trip to enjoy this country that we live in. We're also getting to know some of our neighbors more and are enjoying occasional meals with them and helping them out with some of their projects. Laurie has even found a Scrabble partner and gets together with her about once a week to "Scrabble around".

Laurie also started a new blog called High Country Living (she's really a geek at heart). Check it out!

We're finally getting around to making the custom kitchen that we have envisioned for so long. Before that could begin, however, I had to get my workshop in good working order. This included adding heat so I could work regardless of the weather, purchasing some vitally needed tools for making the cabinets (yes, they really were necessary) and spending some time implementing good dust collection. There is a lot of sawdust generated in woodworking and now is not the time to ignore good health and safety practices. So, now that the shop is in pretty good shape ... let the cabinet making begin!

We spent hours and hours investigating and designing the cabinets in SketchUp. Here is the conceptual design we came up with:
Of course, this is actually more than conceptual. I spend a lot of time creating the exact cabinets with precise dimensions. That way I can take the design out to the wood shop (yes, I have a computer in my wood shop) and refer to it as I construct the cabinets.

So, the upper cabinets are now completed and installed. Here is the overall pic:
You can see that the bottoms cabinets are not done. We're still using crates, shelves and some cheap-o cabinets and counter top until I get the custom ones built.

Here is a closer pic:

We decided to make our cabinets with bypass doors instead of swing-out doors for most of the cabinets. Swing-out doors are such a nuisance! We believe this is a much more practical design and are really pleased with how they are working out.

The base cabinets between the fridge and stove are built and installed. I'm working on the maple butcher block counter top to finish them off. I'll post pics in a week or so when that part is done.